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Thyroid confusion?

So you feel fatigued, your hair is falling out, your skin is dry, you’re constipated... You have every symptom on the thyroid problem check list but nobody will address it because the labs are in the normal range. Maybe you are trying to conceive and you are pretty certain that the thyroid may be getting in the way! FRUSTRATING!!! What if you took a second look at your labs - if your TSH was over 2.5 or under 1- you can check thyroid antibodies.. (Anti TPO and Anti Thyroglobulin) If those are elevated then you have Hashimotos!!! Praise the Lord!!! Something to treat! You can use natural supplements like Myoinositol and D-chiro or Selenium to reduce these antibodies and help your thyroid work better... you can also treat with low dose naltrexone (LDN) to lower these antibodies! A plant based diet is also super effective at lowering these antibodies and improving thyroid function! In patients that have TSH > 2.5 if trying to conceive I would definitely offer some thyroid supplementation - but you should check the lab values (TSH, Ft4, Ft3) every 6 weeks to adjust the dose... When the thyroid functions better you have a better chance of avoiding miscarriage which is such a blessing! You also have better bleeding patterns and your body works better so you FEEL better! The thyroid is SUPER important!!! If all of your thyroid tests are normal and you still feel bad there is one more set you can check- total t3 and reverse t3 as well as iodine.

If your iodine is low your thyroid can't function well. If the ratio of total t3: reverse t3 is less than 10 there may be an issue...

Typically when this ratio is off there is an issue with elevated cortisol or liver toxicity… That is fortunate because there are several interventions available to quickly improve both of these issues! Cortisol can be lowered by sleeping, drinking water, cutting caffeine, cutting out high intensity workouts… Liver can be cleansed by drinking certain teas, using castor oil compresses and having daily bowel movements! Ok guys - hope this helps clear up some of the thyroid confusion Join us at if you want to learn more about how you can address all of your gyn challenges naturally. If you are hoping to improve your fertility I would highly suggest using the Fertility Solved Course or joining the Fertility Solved Master Class at! (just look at the Fertility Solved Course and Coaching tab) Take care and God bless, Dr. Monique Ruberu Dr. Monique Ruberu is a Board Certified Ob/Gyn physician who loves providing care in the area of Natural Medicine and fertility. She is passionate about uncovering the root cause of women’s health issues. She is an expert in hormones and their effect in women from puberty to menopause.

She owns a private Gyn practice and speaks worldwide about the benefits of fertility based awareness methods and natural hormonal supplementation She has released a revolutionary course and coaching program “Fertility Solved” that aims to uncover the underlying causes of infertility and help women address them naturally - thus increasing their chances for conception drastically without the use of IVF!

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