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Payment Options

At Natural Womens Health

we strive to provide quality care in a beautiful setting

which honors our patients. 

Most insurance companies make it

impossible to cover the costs involved with

caring for patients in this way.

They would prefer that we see 30-50

10 minute appointments a day. 

In order to maintain this high standard of care,

we have made the difficult decision

to only partner with insurance companies

willing to compensate us in a way

that we can afford to pay our employees

and cover our expenses. 

We refuse to compromise on the

time spent and quality given to our patients. 


We only participate with BCBS and Highmark Medical Insurance. Inclusive to these insurances we will accept

1. IBX: Personal Choice, Keystone Health Plan East, Amerihealth Administrators, Amerihealth PPO only, Independance Administrators

2. Highmark: Federal, BC/BS of other states PPO only no HMO, Anthem, Horizon BC/BS of NJ PPO only


For those without these insurances, desiring annual and problem visits,  we will offer Single Visit vs. Membership Plan. 

Single Visit

One 30 minute visit

(can be used for annual or GYN problem

visit other than infertility)



Gynecology Membership

One  30-minute visit every 3 months

(can be used for annual and GYN problem visits)

$75 per month for a 12-month commitment

$250 cancellation fee if cancelled prior to 12th month

 Quality care you deserve while saving money

Insurance can be used to cover the cost

of labs and imaging studies

 You can submit our bill to your insurance company

to seek out of network compensation

  If you desire more than 4 visits in a year

or a single visit outside of the membership cost,

that is available for $275/30 minutes. 

Fertility Membership vs Fertility single visit

Fertility Single visit 

hour long fertility visit where we will look at

history and prior labs of husband and wife

will write labs and investigations for wife.  


Fertility membership 

 $450 initial fee followed by a $250  per month fee.

One 60 minute visit every other month.

If you desire more than 6 visits in a year

or don't wish to participate in the membership


The cost for a single visit is available for $550/60 minutes


Insurance can be used to cover the cost

of labs and imaging studies

 You can submit our bill to your insurance company

to seek out of network compensation


The cost of endosee, isovue, semen analysis, charting and fertility ultrasound are separate

To participate in either membership plan you will be asked to keep a credit card on file for automatic payments.


In an effort to make office visits and care attainable for all

who desire to understand the root cause of their health

issues Dr. Ruberu is open to considering equitable bartering. 

examples of things she would be willing to accept are:

farm fresh organic produce,

(eggs, meat, chicken, veggies and fruit)

cleaning or laundry services

landscaping and yard maintenance services

cooking services, meal prep services

dog sitting/dog walking services

car maintenance services

hair cutting services

organic all natural lotion and soaps

social media/advertising services

catering services

massage services 

voice lessons/ high school tutoring services

send a message to Dr. Ruberu

if you would like to make and offer of trade for services

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