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Stay Safe At Home

In the midst of this Pandemic there is much concern

about meeting in person for appointments. 

Dr Ruberu and our team at Natural Women's Health

understand your concerns and we want you to know

that your health and well being is important to us. 

For this reason we are now offering telemedicine visits

via Facetime, MSN Messenger or other

videoconferencing platforms for all patients living in Pennsylvania.


If you are dealing with abnormal bleeding,

irregular cycles, PMS symptoms,PCOS, infertility, 

vaginal infections or any other concern...

we are here for you.


If you would like to discuss labs, imaging or current prescriptions

we can take care of that as well. 


Simply check with your insurance provider to ensure coverage

(Most plans are covering) and then call 

215-939-4251 for your appointment. 


Make sure you log onto the patient portal and

fill out the (ALL PATIENT) forms prior to your visit. 

God bless you all! 

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