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What is Root Cause Medicine?

At Natural Women's Health Dr. Ruberu and her team desire to search for the root cause of every medical issue. 

Rather than addressing medical problems by covering up the symptoms we seek to understand why those symptoms are occurring and heal that issue. 

For instance heavy bleeding, endometriosis, polyps and fibroids are caused by estrogen dominance. In most instances, estrogen dominance is caused by an inability to cleanse estrogen from the body. Problems cleansing the body are often tied to dehydration, constipation, bowel dysfunction and consuming things that are estrogen dense. Unless you are addressing the root cause - gut dysfunction and liver toxicity you will likely never be able to solve the estrogen dominance.

What is Napro Technology? 

Natural Procreative Technology (NaProTechnology) is the use of Creighton Fertility Care

Natural Family Planning charts to evaluate and treat a patient. 

Creighton Fertility Care Natural Family Planning charts can be used to achieve and avoid pregnancy. 

They can also be used to address every gynecologic medical issue a patient may have including infertility.

The first step includes data collection in which the patient is taught to chart their bleeding patterns, 

mucous patterns and length of cycle in order to identify what is normal and abnormal.

The information collected is analyzed and further tests are ordered.

These observations allow us to understand the root cause of the issue and address it,

rather than covering the issue up with the band aid of contraceptives. 

We asked  our patients,

"How has Dr.Ruberu impacted your life..."

When you held my hand and prayed with me during the hardest parts of my pregnancy with Cameron. When they said he might be disabled. When I was so sick and weak. When I was terrified. You walked with me through my pregnancy each step and monitoring my progesterone just like you did with Connor and my baby in heaven that I carried before Cameron. You knew how much progesterone I needed to help carry him. You told me to keep going when I feared the worst. He is a miracle and we are so grateful for you and your help getting him here  - Nicole McEwan

I was sitting next to my dad in the ICU. They had just removed his breathing tube and we were "waiting" for him to die. After years of secondary infertility, I had found out that I was pregnant just the day before. I had taken a second test before going to the ICU that day and the line was faint, much different than the day before. I was terrified that I was going to lose my dad and my miracle baby at the same time. I texted you from the ICU and you told me to get progesterone shots immediately. I went the next day to start my progesterone regimen and now I have a healthy, happy, beautiful baby boy! Thank you for answering my frantic text on such a hard day in my life. - Jill Copeland

Dr. Ruberu, you've impacted my life by setting the bar almost impossibly high for all other healthcare providers. My expectations of an office visit forever changed after my first visit to you. I consider my annual drive out to your office to be a mini-retreat day of care for myself.

It makes me so happy to know that doctors like you exist, and that I can advocate for my daughters to have the same kind of focused, compassionate care I have received.

When our sweet "dessert baby" came into our lives, I knew that I would turn only to you to monitor hormone levels throughout my pregnancy. The experience with my local OB's group was predictably frustrating, but I knew we could trust your unwavering attention, expertise and commitment to the remote progesterone monitoring throughout.

God bless you! - Stephanie Finley

Dr. Monique Ruberu was the first doctor who acknowledged our 2 miscarriages as our babies not lost pregnancies. She saw our grief as real and valid and miscarriages as painful and "not a normal part of reproduction even of they're common". We conceived our fourth baby in November of 2016 she was going away but insisted I call if any issues since my HCG numbers did not look great. That loss in 1/17 was the first we felt understood, loved and truly cared for by a medical professional. We conceived our rainbow miracle baby in February and Dr. Ruberu was rooting for us there for us pregnancy after recurrent losses is terrifying. When I became preeclamptic at 38 weeks and needed an emergency c-section Dr. Ruberu came to the hospital and prayed with us she pinned holy relics to me and was adamant they not be removed. She then came and met the miracle she helped bring earthside. She is an instrument of God. - Melissa Rizzo-Bilynski

I wouldn't have my son without her!! Through 2 years she held my hand and cried with me, prayed with me through all the tests and the questioning of why my infertility was persisting and not finding answers. She never gave up! Each month she reassured me that we were one step closer. When I finally got a positive test, she immediately called in progesterone to protect my precious baby's life. I was only 4 weeks pregnant or so and all the other doctors I spoke to wouldn't even see me until 9-10weeks, didn't care that I was scared of losing my baby due to low progesterone. She was the only one who valued my son's little life from the very beginning!

Truly a gift from God, and we are forever grateful for our little Benedict!! - Miranda Smith

I believe that there are many things about you that I can name but my favorite part about you is that you are authentic.

Many use their platforms to rise above the rest. Not you. You exemplify Christ by serving with humility, and loving unconditionally. You are in the trenches never on a high horse. I love that about you. - Marlene Downing 

I am thankful to you for my little Gianna now a year old! You helped me find why I was miscarrying so often and we were able to bring our miracle into the world! Thanks so much! And I continue to refer anyone I hear who struggle with their fertility or any area since you are a very well rounded holistic doctor!! Love what you do! - Angela Brown

Dr. Ruberu, you are the perfect example of a sincere, loving and caring doctor. You are my first experience with a REAL Doctor!!! God Bless you all the time! I am thankful and Blessed to share to everyone that you are part of my life! I sincerely and respectfully love you!! I will always remember when you brought my grand daughter Serenity into this world and you Blessed her forehead. I never saw a Doctor ever do that to a newborn and at that moment I knew You were a Special person! Thank you Jesus for Dr. Ruberu - Evelyn Delgado

We have our sweet little Samuel here because of you!! Especially after so many losses, we were filled with fear, and distrust. You tended not only to our sweet little baby, but you comforted our hearts and fueled our faith. Since we live so far, you worked with our pharmacy directly and faxed all necessary scripts. You are a blessing to your patients and to the world! Your witness to life, and your strong faith, make you a powerful disciple that will save souls for God. Thank you for being a blessing to all who know you!! -Christina Rock

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