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Tired of dealing with unexplained anger, tiredness, mood swings, breast tenderness, irritability, headaches, anxiety and depression? We can help you. 

Stressed Woman

Recurrent Miscarriage

All of the tests they have run are normal. You have never had a hormonal evaluation to see if there may be another cause. Let us investigate with you and then let us try to protect your next child.

First Aid


You have always had a normal clockwork cycle, and things are starting to change. Intimacy is more challenging, moods are changing, bleeding is inconsistant... Let us smooth this transition for you with Effective Natural treatments.

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Abnormal Bleeding

Your bleeding is out of control.. Heavy, clots, irregular bleeds, brown bleeding, bleeding that never ends. We can help you. 

Boxing Gloves

Annual Exams

Maybe you have been prioritizing everyone else and have missed your annual exam? Maybe you always get to this appointment and get all of your studies done. Either way we want to see you, hear you and offer you resources that will support your body, your soul, and the most important relationships in your life.

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Pelvic Pain

Your monthly cycle is making life so difficult. You are missing out on important moments every month. Let us evaluate your pain and search for solutions together. 

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You may have been told everything is fine, you just need to keep trying. It's unexplained. Your only chance are options that go against your beliefs. They just aren't looking hard enough. Let us help you with Natural Cost Effective evaluation and treatments. 


Post Partum Depression

Why can't I just be happy? Where are these feelings coming from? I am normally so even keel. I really don't want to use an anti depressive med and feel muted. We can help you with completely Natural Effective Treatments.


Thyroid Dysfunction

Your doctor tells you your thyroid labs are normal, but you suffer with fatigue, weight gain, constipation, and you want to look deeper.  Let us help you get to the root. 

Neck and Chin
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