Unexplained Infertility
is a LIE. 

Hi there, My name is Dr. Monique Ruberu

Rather than covering up underlying issues with birth control and contraceptives, I search for the root cause of every GYN issue and address it. 


After serving thousands of women in my office I decided to create an online course and coaching program to serve women all over the world.  If you are a patient in the office or if you are far away we would love to offer you the key to understanding your fertility.  


Every woman deserves the chance to truly understand the language her body is speaking.

She deserves the chance to SOLVE her Fertility Challenges.


I have served many couples with an "Unexplained Infertility" diagnosis. Prior to  working with me they were told that everything was normal. After our work up the couples are always amazed to find several abnormalities that were not looked for or addressed with other providers. 

Many of these couples went on to conceive and carry beautiful pregnancies. Praise God!

Patients in the office and far away may be interested in the Fertility Solved Course - In the office I only get to spend 20-30 minutes with you at a time. Through the course you will have access to 6 modules with more than 30 videos included explaining everything you need to know about your fertility in a fun and entertaining format. 

Once you have begun the course you can always purchase a 30 minute coaching session where we can set up a personalized plan for your fertility journey and look for every root cause behind your challenges.  

If you are considering purchasing both the Fertility Solved Course and Coaching Sessions, you may want to consider saving some money and investing in the Fertility Solved Master Class. In this space you can experience both the course and 4 coaching sessions. 

If you purchase a Fertility Solved Master Class and we can't provide you with at least one reason for your "Unexplained Infertility" we will give you ALL of your money back. 


What Are Fertility Solved Members Saying About 

The Fertility Solved Course? 


Dr. Monique Ruberu’s Fertility Solved course is loaded with worthwhile information for any couple struggling to conceive. As a patient of Dr Ruberu’s I can attest that she is knowledgeable, compassionate and truly dedicated to her patients. She worked so hard to help me uncover the root cause of my infertility and eventually I was blessed with a baby boy!

What is so wonderful about Dr. Ruberu’s course is that it offers hope that the reasons behind your infertility can be uncovered and treated without IVF.
Fertility Solved is a wonderful first step towards educating yourself about your own fertility and realizing that there is so much that can be done to help a couple conceive that isn’t typically taught or talked about. Whether you have been trying to get pregnant for a few months or several years this course provides hope for all women that conception is still possible 

Christie Malarz


My husband & I were blessed to go through the course together. We gained so much insight into our fertility. It helped empower us to know what questions to ask & how to practically apply what we learned to start discovering the potential root cause(s) of our secondary infertility. We highly recommend the course, & Dr. Monique Ruberu is a joy who truly cares

Kristy Washington




I really loved Dr. Monique’s fertility courses because she breaks it down so well and makes it easy to understand. You get all the info in one place. It was helpful to learn about it because now I’m more equipped to know what is normal or abnormal part of my cycle & fertility. Thank you so much Dr. Monique! 💛  

Natalie Blackford
I really enjoyed this course. I love how Dr. Ruberu makes you feel so comfortable. She has a way of explaining things so they make sense. As someone that has been dealing with infertility for many years I found this course to be enlightening. I’ve always thought that my bleeding pattern wasn’t quite right when I have my period, but any other doctor I’ve ever asked about this has said “it’s fine. As long as you’re bleeding.” During this course I was finally able to get some answers and now I know what to ask my doctor to test for!
The nutrition and supplement part of the course is also very helpful.
Overall this is an excellent course! 

Melody Kennedy Harrah