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The Truth behind Brown Bleeding

Brown bleeding "Dr. Ruberu, What does brown bleeding mean ?? When I was in residency and early in practice, patients would ask me this question all the time. Unfortunately like 95% of the Ob/Gyn’s out there I was never taught specifically about what brown bleeding meant. My response at that time was pretty generic....”Lots of people experience this... it’s very common...not a big deal” Little did I know.... BROWN SPOTTING IS A VERY BIG DEAL!!! Every sign that our body gives us MEANS SOMETHING! Brown spotting AFTER the period typically means : 1. A lack of PROGESTERONE!!! What?!? The lack of progesterone that leads to PMS, Preterm Labor, Miscarriage and Post Partum Depression?!! YES! That’s the one...

Progesterone is a key hormone that is only produced by the corpus leuteum cyst after ovulation. The Corpus Leuteum cyst is what is left over after your follicle ruptures and releases the egg.

Unfortunately, traditional gynecologists aren't trained to look for or treat this lack of progesterone which would explain why so many people are placed on birth control pills for every GYN issue.

2. CHONIC INFLAMMATION inside your uterus!! What?!! The infection that prevents tiny embryo’s from implanting in their Mother’s uterine lining?!? YES!! That’s the one...

This chronic inflammation can be caused by normal vaginal flora, by bacterial vaginosis, yeast, STD's. The only way you will know to look for it and treat it is by identifying it's presenting symptoms - one of which is the brown spotting at the end of the period that doesn't resolve with normal progesterone levels. Brown Spotting BEFORE the period typically means: 1. Possible ENDOMETRIOSIS!!! What?!? The thing that causes severe pain in some people and can totally mess up your tubes?!? Correct!! All of these issues can be harmful to your fertility!! And they can all be addressed when you know what you are looking for! Just like the brown bleeding - there are so many signs that your body is showing you on a monthly basis... Do you want to learn how to interpret those signs?? Are you tired of shutting down your cycle with contraceptives? Are you HOPING TO CONCEIVE??? Would you rather UNDERSTAND what is going on in your cycle??? If EVERY part of your soul is saying “YES” then you need the Fertility Solved Course !

You can access this course at (Fertility Solved Course and Coaching tab)

Take Care and God bless,

Dr. Monique Ruberu

Dr. Monique Ruberu is a NaproTechnology trained Board Certified OB/GYN who loves treating patients holistically without the use of contraceptives. Dr. Ruberu loves to search for and treat the root causes of every GYN medical issue. Learn more about her at

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