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Don't buy the Lie.

So you have been trying to conceive a pregnancy for the past year. You go to your gynecologist who quickly refers you to the local infertility clinic.

When you meet the doctor, they get your health history and begin their battery of tests. For you, day 3 labs, hysterosalpingogram, ultrasound, for your hubby a semen analysis.

The Semen Analysis normal levels are very low because they are tailored for IVF. Almost all guys end up with a "Normal SA", robbing them from the opportunity to super power their sperm and improve the level of fertility as a couple. Instead, when Napro Technology trained doctors evaluate the numbers from those semen analysis we would much more likely offer supplements to boost the sperm parameters.

Funnily enough, the male work up often begins and ends with the semen analysis. Why don't they look at their thyroid, diet, weight, vitamin D levels?

The docs may find some mild hypothyroidism in the future mom for which they will give some levothyroxine, or maybe they'll find PCOS for which they will advise you to use Metformin and Letrozole. Rather quickly thereafter you will be guided along the path to a few rounds of IUI and then the words nobody wants to hear... "You have Unexplained Infertility"

I truly believe that "Unexplained Infertility" is a LIE. There is always a reason for every medical issue, and infertility is no different.

There may be issues with thyroid dysfunction - Hashimotos that hasn't been addressed, hypo or hyperthyroidism resulting from this. Did they check Tsh, Free t4, Free T3, iodine, thyroid antibodies, total t3 and reverse t3?

There may be hormonal dysfunction with Estrogen dominance or low Estrogen or Progesterone. Did they check labs every other day for 12 draws during your cycle checking estradiol in the pre ovulation time and estradiol and progesterone after ovulation?

There could be inflammation inside the uterine cavity which prevents implantation (Chronic Endometritis) or there could be polyps fibroids or scarring inside the uterus that do the same. Are they asking you to look out for signs of inflammation such as brown bleeding at the end of your periods?

There could be clotting or bleeding issues, inflammatory issues, Liver toxicity all creating a poor environment for pregnancy. Are they asking about your bowel movements or looking for signs of estrogen dominance? Are they interested in the quality of your bleeding?

Vitamin D levels could be low causing a lowered immune system. Have they checked a level for you?

There could be endometriosis causing pain and increased inflammation. Have they offered you any supplements to help with painful periods and endometriomas?

There could be polycystic ovarian syndrome and irregular cycles. Inadequate quality of ovulation. Insulin resistance. Have they given you any info on dietary changes or supplements you can use for this?

There could be poorly functioning sperm. Thyroid dysfunction in the husband. Have they checked for these things? Have they given you any other options for treatment?

In the many years I have been practicing, I have never met a patient who was given the diagnosis of unexplained infertility who doesn't have an underlying issue that we could find.

My suggestion for every women dealing with fertility challenges is to seek out another opinion from a doctor who knows something about looking for the underlying root causes. Don't settle for this diagnosis. Every one of these issues can be found and addressed naturally if you know how to look and how to treat.

If you are trying to understand how to look for the signals your body is giving you every day that would demystify this whole fertility issue consider trying the Fertility Solved Course or Master Class at (It is found under the Fertility Solved Course and Coaching tab)

Take Care and God Bless!

Dr. Monique Ruberu

Dr. Monique Ruberu is a Board Certified Ob/Gyn physician specialized in Natural Medicine and fertility. She is passionate about uncovering the root cause of women’s health issues. She is an expert in hormones and their effect in women from puberty to menopause.

She owns a private Gyn practice and speaks worldwide about the benefits of fertility based awareness methods and natural hormonal supplementation

She has released a revolutionary course and coaching program “Fertility Solved” that aims to uncover the underlying causes of infertility and help women address them naturally - thus increasing their chances for conception drastically without the use of IVF!

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