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Rocking Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

PCOS.... wow.... this is one of the most common fertility challenges, but sadly the one that medical professionals typically do the least to address. What is PCOS - it is a constellation of symptoms that include abnormal labs,(high testosterone and Dhea-s typically), irregular cycles, problems with ovulation, abnormal hair growth, acne, hair thinning, insulin resistance... possible signs on ultrasound like multiple peripheral follicles on ovaries and larger ovaries. Not every patient has the same symptoms... I’ve seen ladies that have every one, and some that just have shorter cycles. This is typically treated with contraceptives and metformin... I hate contraceptives because they just shut down your normal cycle, create a worsening imbalance of hormones and don’t solve anything. Metformin does help - but why use that when there are amazing natural alternatives? Recently there has been a recall for impurities in metformin... I never prescribe it. The key to Rocking PCOS is addressing the underlying issue- 1. Learn to chart your cycles with creighton fertility care natural family planning method so you can observe the mucous signs that your body is trying to ovulate - yes it may be infrequent but is possible that you are. Work with me and I can tell you where to get connected. 2. Change your diet - I recommend plant based for with no sugar or white carbs to lower your insulin resistance - give your body a chance to cleanse. I recommend “forks over knives”, "Simple Veganista" or "Minimalist Baker" for recipes. Losing weight helps you to ovulate more frequently. No more soda or coffee - water is what you need to see that beautiful fertile mucous! 3. Exercise daily - 30 min of speed walking would be amazing 4. Use supplements that will help - I like sensitol from (provider code MONIQUERUBERU) 2 pills 2x a day will lower insulin resistance, help u ovulate more frequently and help you see those signs of ovulation. 5. Address the progesterone issue - most people with PCOS have low progesterone adding in progesterone also helps to lower excess testosterone over time. 6. Meds to help you ovulate - I like to use letrozole in my office to stimulate ovulation for PCOS pts. Then I check estradiol and progesterone through a cycle and verify what exactly the hormonal imbalance is... then we continue using the letrozole and supplement appropriately based on your private results... I hope this helped you understand a bit more about PCOS If this info helped consider checking out my “Fertility Solved” course and coaching program through

I’m only taking on a limited number of Master Class clients a month and I’d love for you to have access to the course and coaching support too You are amazing! And every issue has a cause- we can solve this together!

God bless!

Dr. Monique Ruberu

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