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Choose your Fertility Solved Product

  • Best Value

    Master Class

    Fertility Solved Master Class and Course
    Valid for one year
    • You want the Intelligence of the Fertility Solved Course
    • Dr. Ruberu's Expert Input about YOUR fertility
    • FOUR private 60 Minute Coaching Sessions
    • Creation of a Personalized Fertility Plan
    • Review of all bloodwork and tests done
    • Advise on supplements and methods to improve fertility
    • value of $3200
  • Course

    Fertility Solved 6 Module Course
    Valid for one year
    • Year Long Access to Fertility Solved Course
    • You go the the doctor's office hoping to understand
    • why you are struggling
    • They can't explain it in your 10 minute appointment
    • That's where the Fertility Solved Course comes in
    • Have 1 YEAR ACCESS to 6 modules and TRULY UNDERSTAND
    • The Normal Cycle
    • The Abnormal Cycle
    • The Fertility Evaluation
    • Charting Your Cycle
    • Treatments
    • Natural Alternatives
    • containing 30+lessons that you can complete on your own
  • 30 minute Coaching

    30 minute coaching session
    Valid for one month
    • You wish you had a step by step plan.
    • You want to make sense of all the labs done thus far
    • Dr. Ruberu will review all of your prior studies.
    • She will advise you on possible new studies
    • You will have a summary note of all recommendations
  • Root Cause Med #1

    PCOS Lecture + Q&A
    Valid for one year
    • What is PCOS?
    • What Lab tests should I get to diagnose PCOS
    • What Ultrasound findings are present with PCOS?
    • What Natural Supplements are used for PCOS?
  • 60 minute coaching session

    60 minutes of coaching with Dr. Ruberu
    Valid for one month
    • You live outside of Pennsylvania
    • You want to find the root cause to your issue.
    • You may have been told you have unexplained infertility
    • or that your thyroid is functioning perfectly although
    • you have every thyroid symptom.
    • Maybe you have PMS, and their only solution is
    • psych meds. You deserve better.
    • You deserve a 60 minute coaching session with Dr. Ruberu
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