What is NaProTechnology?  How Does it Work?

Natural Procreative Technology (NaProTechnology) is

the use of Creighton Fertility Care Natural Family

Planning charts to evaluate and treat a patient. 

Creighton Fertility care natural family planning charts

can be used to achieve and avoid pregnancy as well

as to address any gynecologic medical issues a patient

may have including infertility.

The first step includes data collection in which the

patient is taught to chart their bleeding patterns, 

mucous patterns and length of cycle in order to identify

what is normal and abnormal.


The next step is to identify the patient’s point of likely

ovulation and check lab tests before and after ovulation

to assess the patient’s hormonal  status.

Lastly the patient meets with Dr Ruberu to discuss all

charts and lab results in order to plan treatments for

the patient.


This charting method and analysis can help Napro

Trained Medical consultants identify a myriad of

problems and provide natural supportive care for the

patient that may drastically improve the patient’s

situation.  We can identify issues such as low

progesterone, PCOS, ovarian cysts, endometriosis

and much more. 


Napro technology can be utilized to address any GYN

issue that is typically addressed with hormonal

contraceptives.  It is the natural way to address all your gynecologic needs.